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Is this only designed for G3 skins? It doesn't say so in the description. I used them on the first of my BD Ascension skins and it was a miserable experience.

The tab that lifts the skin stuck to the glue so badly that it was nearly impossible to push and gouged a jagged line down the skin that only barely followed the profile of the ski.

I used the included BD "paper cutter" tool to do my second skin. It was amazingly easy, made a perfect profile, and took half as long, even with the mandatory repositioning of the skin.

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did you peel the paper from the bottom of the skin? If so, user error. I haven't used this tool but it looks much easier then the letter opener style tool most skins use.

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Daniel, I don't understand how you could have had a problem, unless as Paddie mentioned you left the skin paper on.

I've used the G3 tool for 3 pairs of skins now. I've used the traditional type tool that BD supplies, and which G3 also to used to include, for I think 5 pairs of skins.

Hands down - the G3 tool rules. I can trim skins perfectly in just a few minutes with the G3 tool. I've had a few screw ups and my skins were never cut anywhere close before, plus it was a dreaded task previously.

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There's a bunch of tips on how to avoid this problem at: