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Terrible suspension

I bought this pack for an 8 day trip to the Pecos Wilderness in northern New Mexico. With my pack fully loaded it was around 50 pounds or more carrying gear for early spring weather in the mountains and 14 pounds of food. It made a good first impression with good construction, decent features, ample space and a clean appearance. Everything was great about this pack until about 6 miles into the trip. The frame had held up well, keeping the 55 pound monster glued to my back, it was the padding and the straps that were absolutely terrible. They were cutting into my shoulders and hips so much that I still have marks in both places 2 weeks after the trip. It made it so I could only go half the distance I initially planned for the 50 mile trek. For being an 80+10 pack it has horrible suspension and couldn't carry more than 40 pounds comfortably. If I was doing technical mountaineering or an extended trip this pack would fail miserably, I don't recommend it at all.

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I agree. Good feature set, well made pack, but very uncomfortable with heavy loads. Doesn't provide much support and I had sore shoulders from a shorter hike with a heavy load even when adjusted correctly.

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I totally disagree. I've carried this pack for over a year on many trips with 75+ lbs and it has performed much better than anything else I've ever used. I was so impressed I recommended this pack to a guide friend of mine who routinely carries 100lb loads and he absolutely loves it. Maybe you don't have it adjusted correctly or it just doesn't work for your body type, not every pack works for every person

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Maybe the issue is that you were carrying 65lbs of crap? There isn't a bag in the world that isn't going to dig into your shoulders with that much stuff - especially if you let the load ride on your shoulders - it has a hip belt, right?