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Terrible pants

1) no zips at the bottom of the legs making it impossible to get them on over shoes/boots
2) the zippers on the sides lead to an inner mesh pocket, but you can get get through this to the pockets of the pants you were wearing before the rain started...
3) no fly of any kind, women might not care, i certainly need a fly.
4) the pair i was shipped had a busted zip from day 1, as i needed them i just "dealt with it" but when it came time that i needed them i was extremely disappointed to find i had to sit in the car and take my boots of etc just to get into these stupid pants.

All in all i give them 0/5

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when i say busted zip, i mean busted pocket zip, as there is no fly zip, no fly

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I guess it depends on your usage. The lack of leg zips and a fly were a plus for me; less weight, less zippers to fail, nice slim cut at the ankle for when I use them on my bicycle.

I am typically wearing them over running shorts or bike shorts neither of which have a fly so I just pull them down in front when nature calls. I never found that to be even the slightest bit inconvenient.