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Terrible. Worst price for this headphone.

I'm not gonna sit here and give a huge review for a Skullcandy headphone. If you want anything better, just get the Ink'd buds and call it a day. These have by far the worst, unfilling sound quality I have ever heard. ESSPECIALLY at it's price- wow. There is almost absolutely NO bass and mids are bland. And no nylon cord. Wtf? Why?! If your someone who wants good sound quality for around this price, spend the little extra $$ and get some Monster Beats or something. Idk what Garret is talking about by "the loudest headphone" I mean that's usually what happens when you turn the volume up. I'd recommend to SOME, the Klipsch S4's on Amazon for the same price. About the best sound your gonna get at it's price.