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Tempered expectations

  • Familiarity: I've used it several times

Based on the glowing reviews here, I excepted glove nirvana. But of course, in reality, it's just...fine. The leather is certainly durable and this glove makes sense for anyone working extensively in moderatley cold temps.
However, the knit back does not block the wind whatsoever. And despite the sno-seal treatment, the knit part gets wet and through to the back of the hands.
Also, due to the leather's ruggedness, it is somewhat stiffer than other leather gloves out there.
At a recent Ski demo days, I saw lots of ski techs wearing these, which is probably their perfect application. Relatively protected from the wind, doing lots of binding adjustments, not too cold. However, bringing them out the the mountain on a cold and windy day left my hands frigid.
In brief, a good glove for the right application, but for more typical winter pursuits, I prefer something a bit warmer, wind- and water-proof.

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You should get the Ridge glove. It's all leather. They keep my hands toasty at zero degrees. I'm out all day, every day in them, and I love them. They pack out, but that's okay by me. Sno Seal them every now and then, and dry them out every night, dude.

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Jack, funny you should say that. I had a pair of Ridge's before I lost them this summer. While I found them warmer than the Tough Guys, I still prefer my old Marmot Work gloves on the cold and windy days. And speaking of drying out, when these gloves do get completely soaked, they take forever to dry. Like, days.