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Tanks, not just hype, the real deal

These are the best headphones on the market for a reasonable price. These come with 57 mm drivers for both of the speakers, I wear these headphones to wrestling tournaments, and I wear these on the bus and it cuts out the annoying kids on the bus. These tanks are nothing to joke about, I got yelled at by the bus driver to silence my phone speaker or turn it down from the max when I had my headphones at max. They have good bass, highs and mids are awesome. These headphones will be the one that I buy if it breaks....which they won't, which another point comes up! These never break! I got in a fight wearing these, A kid chunked it my locker, and these continue to go. One thing I noticed was the wire that connected to the headphone shorted so I have to turn the jack abit to get it to play the sound, but I am not the most neatest and organized so with it being in my backpack that was most likely what happened. You can just always buy a female to male 3.5mm jack again, but I am a cheapbutt. Voila! Sick headphones! Enjoy them!