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Honestly, I am EXTREMELY disappointed because I cannot take it backpacking with me ! This thing is a monster, HUGE and even after 2 hours of struggling with it I'm still unable to stuff it into several XL /31L compression bag. So, it is worthless to me now that I cannot take it anywhere! I chose this BISON sleeping bag over MARMOT CWM MemBrain due to high recommendation from Backcountry customer service. I do like the quality of the BISON sleeping bag, and it looks BEEFY and it is probably worth the money but it's definitely not for regular backpacking using Osprey 75L pack for sure! Before I purchased this item I was told that a regular LARGE Compression bag would fit it. It does not fit! Customer Service then recommended using 30L compression bag and I bought the EXTRA LARGE 31L which is bigger and it still does not fit! I think it's because the GORTEX and the thick lining plus it's VERY lofty, it's just impossible to stuff it into a 75L pack using EXTRA LARGE 31L compression pack. I failed miserably after trying it so many different ways! This super puffy sleeping bag is probably only good to be used AT HOME by someone who lives in the North Pole when they lost heat/electricity! ARGH!!!! I ordered other backpacking items and the customer service who took the order was aware about me trying to backpack "light" using an OSPREY 75L that I also ordered from's probably NOT her fault for highly recommending it --but I seriously think Backcountry should have made a warning note that this item definitely is NOT for backpacking!!! I purchased this BISON sleeping bag to replace my current Marmot Quray (-18) which folds smoothly into my compression bag and snug perfectly inside my pack. The only problem about Marmot is the zipper snags ALL THE TIME, and I always woke up with feathers all over me! I am stressed out because I'm heading out tomorrow and I got the wrong bag!!! Ugh..

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Why would you need a -40 degree for regular backpacking? It's not backcountry's problem to let you know this bag is for serious expeditions and not backpacking. A cursory glance at the Internet would reveal that. Your like the guy in foreclosure complaining b/c the bank gave him too much money.

And who rolls a sleeping bag?

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In fact, it says "recommend use: high altitude mountaineering" right on this webpage.

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Just wondering why it is that people don't understand the purpose of a "product review". Ranting about customer service has no bearing on the quality of the product. Giving one star to a great product because you don't like customer service is just misleading and stupid. Particularly when your rant just shows you didn't do any research/planning before dropping nearly a grand on a sleeping bag....

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Rick wants a -40 degree bag, and he wants it small?! Seriously Rick?

I own this bag, and it is designed to keep you warm and alive in some of the harshest, coldest conditions in the world. Hands down ?�the best bag I've ever owned. North Face and several other companies also make '-40 degree' bags that are smaller and lighter. How? Less fill! And less fill = less warm.


Rick, stay out of the backcountry...... and stay in bed. ;)

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There is NOTHING wrong with being a novice. We all have to start somewhere. Gear can be frustrating at times. Especially if you don't know a lot about the backcountry and the gear needed to survive. It looks like you saw the price tag, and it looks like Backcountry may have misunderstood your use needs. My recommendation is for you to educate yourself through experience. Spend enough time in the woods and on the mountain and you'll soon get to know what works for you. I will add that Backcountry is an amazing resource for gear...not for experience. You'll need to slap some boots on your feet and "get out" in order to figure it out.