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Gear Review

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These boots are super versatile. Remove the cuffs, tongue, and the velcro strap and you have a race boot. Put the tongue in and you can easily drive powder skis. The cuff articulation that is achievable in these boots allows for better walking and skinning.

The liners are thinner than traditional thermo-moldable liners. However, I did not notice colder feet as a side effect.

Everything about these boots is done well except the buckles. The upper cuff buckle sticks out when in walk mode. This is fine for mid-winter snow coverage but when walking on trails or boulder fields caution is advised. I have broken one and bent the other one. The lower buckle has a small spring that forces the buckle closed. After some use, the spring will wear through and actually keep the buckle open (when not under tension). This is purely a cosmetic problem as it doesn't hinder the use of the buckle.