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Swix marks the spot

This wax is AWESOME!! I picked up the green good from -25F to 14F. It works great for those bitter cold days when your skis or board just snap and pop on the snow but won't seem to let you slide at low speeds. Keep in mind those ratings are for SNOW temp not ambient temperatures. Having that said, this wax is much more dense than loads of other wax brands I've tried (Oneballjay, magicalgogo, dakine to name a few) so it lasts longer. I have been blending it a bit with a Bluebird all temperature wax on those days that are just a bit too cold for all temp. One thing I noticed is that my cheap iron didn't have as much heat as I would prefer but worked ok. You'll have the best luck with an iron that has a temperature setting up to 150 F.

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Yes, it's very tough blending a hard wax because the temprature needed to melt it will most likely burn any other wax.