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Sweet!!! Well.. maybe.

At first I was super stoked about these bindings. They are a bit stiffer at about a 6 like they say. I really liked the Re:Flex technology. They have a super awesome flex for bigger guys or bigger lines. The toe cap and ankle straps were pretty sick too. My biggest complaint with this binding was the friggin adjust ability or lack there of. The burton strap adjustment jumps in too big of gaps. One was too long and the next screw adjust was too short not letting me dial in my fit. The ratchets work great so long as your ladders dont get munched up. If they get chipped or stripped a bit you'lll want to swap those out.

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Curious, which adjustment are you talking about? There should be plenty of fine adjustment in the ratchets themselves. Any more holes and the thing would probably be unstable, unless you're talking about a different adjustment.

These do have the exact same adjustments as the diode, except the lean adjustment on this is twenty times easier.