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Suunto MC-2 Global compass

This compass is hands down the best compass you can buy, and well worth the money. I've had the opportunity to use every major compass brand: Brunton (owned by Silva Sweden, which makes good compasses), Silva America (which is owned by Johnson Outdoors and the compasses are made in china), Silva Sweden (good compasses), Suunto, and many others, including military compasses. All have been tested in serious field navigation. The Suunto Global compass makes all these look like toys. The global needle alone is enough to set it apart; it makes field use far easier and much more accurate. Moreover, it is the only field compass that has sufficient glow-in-the-dark capabilities to be usable in low light conditions (other than the tritium military compass-very heavy and can't be corrected for declination). Also, it is available with metric scales (1:25000 and 1:50000) as well as the standard U.S. scales (1:24000 and 1:62500), but not on the same compass. Finally, it has a much nicer sighting window and the lettering and marks are actually etched into the plastic so they don't wear off (unlike almost all the other compasses). I could go on, but you get the picture. It is everything a compass should be.

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Thanks,this helps me make a wise choice.