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Gear Review

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Surprisingly Versatile Nordica Charger

Most Nordica skis tend to be on the stiffer, hard-charging end of the industry and while the Nordica Patron Ski is no different from that standpoint, it offers more versatility than usual. The blend of wood used in the core helps compliment the sidewall design by making the ski at least a bit poppy while damp and this is a great thing for those of you who are a bit stronger and like to charge.

Another great aspect of this ski is that is does all turns shapes very well. Nordica skis tend to like to rail and keep the same rhythm throughout and the Patron switches from long to short turns and back again with relative ease.

A couple of downpoints here though as the floatation of this ski doesn't match up as well to similar counterparts at the same width. Also, size down a bit if you like to get jibby as the landing platform is solid, but you're looking at a heavier swing weight with the Patron.