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Gear Review

4 5

Super comfy but very very long

These are fleece pants. Basically they are sweat pants that aren't cotton so they're super soft and much lighter. Theses are prefect for lounging around on weekends and chilling at home, but not a high - performance piece of gear. They are too loose or 'relaxed fit' for anything technical, so if you're getting these for anything other than straight chilling you should look elsewhere. My only gripe and why 4/5 stars is the size. Inseam is quoted at 32" but that may even be less seems more like 33 - 34. They are very very long. I have a medium and I am 5'8 150 and these things are way too long on me. I have to role them up or just step on them if im not wearing boots. Unless you're at least 6' be prepared for the outrageous length, again only good if the couch is your primary objective. Overall comfort is unparalled for sweats, but the size leaves something to be desired.