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Gear Review

4 5

Super comfortable

These are my first pair of bib shorts. I have seen so much bib short hype that I finally decided to take the plunge.
So yeah, they cost about what you would expect for quality bib shorts (i.e. a lot), but I think shorts and saddle are the two spots where you really can't justify saving money (in 20 years will I be happy I saved $100 bucks, if my goods don't work anymore?).

So as shorts go, these are insanely comfortable, and really feel just amazing. Putting them on gets me fired up to ride.
As bib shorts? well I bought size large and the shorts fit perfectly, but the bib straps are a little short (I'm 6'0, ~185). So, I haven't really fallen in love with the bibs yet. I also don't love that bibs put all this extra material on my to make me hotter.
If you already love bibs, these are a safe bet. If you haven't taken the bib plunge yet, then I don't know what to tell you, I still don't understand why I would want extra material making me hot during a summer ride.