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Sundowners on Hozomeen

I climbed above timberline on Hozomeen mountain in the Cascades. The climb was a bushbash. The crosscountry, no trails on Hozomeen, travel worked my ankles into excruciating pain. I did not relish the descent. The next morning, while the rest of the party summited, I agonized about what to do.
Feeling around the heel area in the boots, I felt a hard plastic counter that was high enough to grind into the lower part of my ankle bone under the large bone that is on the outside of the foot. Realizing the I had to somehow get down that Cascades descent through brush and rock, I got my scissors out, cut through the GoreTex, and trimmed the heel counters down by a half inch. That gave me enough relief to get down that mountain. So, I am not a fan of Sundowners. I got up the mountain because of them and down the mountain in spite of them.