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Gear Review

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+ Light and highley compressible.
+ Might be better with a different pad
- Temperature rating should be 45 degrees!
- Inserting pad into sleeping bag sleeve can be awkward in rain

I have the bag, and appropriately sized big-agnes pad to go along. Just tried this combo in a tent with the rainfly on, after eating a nice large and hot meal. Night temp was prbly around mid-low 40's, damp but not windy.

Froze my ass off, not impressed with their pad - could feel my heat draining through it. Ended up putting on my softshell pants, t-shirt and a nano-puff and was still pretty chilly - also had to make sure no bare skin touched the pad. Hood was zipped tight, and baffles were in place. Pad might be main problem - have been warmer on two $5 wall-mart pads.

Either way, returning the shit outa this bag.