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Gear Review

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Stylish and semi-functional.

This is my first pair of Smith goggles. I always always ridden Anon Figments (and I am going back). I loved the appeal, super sleek and feminine. It's nice to cover up your face with something that won't necessarily block your pretty looks. I got the Fuchsia/Orange with the Gradient/Red Mirror lens. So this is the good: The lens is awesome, I get compliments all of the time on how amazing they look, that's it! The bad: The fit of the goggles themselves.. no bueno! Unless you have a small face, or your eyes are super close to your nose, you get no peripheral vision, the strap is SUPER thin they don't really cover your ears over your beanie if you rock ear buds. I have a lot of issues with the straps.. The cheap plastic "fast clip" in the back comes undone easily! I have already lost my goggles off of the chair a few times (luckily I think I have good karma and got them back!), this clip also interferes if you wear a helmet, it is right where you latch your goggles to the back of your helmet (also, they look REALLY small on your face once you put a helmet on, it's funny!). The straps also are not easy to loosen and tighten and they will come out of the plastic. All in all, these are CUTE goggles, the lenses are awesome (okay in low light situations, great in sun), really though.. I can't see anything but what's directly in front of me and I can't stand the straps, they are worthless.

Stylish and semi-functional.