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Gear Review

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Stylin' but not Skatin'

I picked these kicks up on Whiskey Militia for about $30, hoping that they would help me blend into my corporate slave environment. So far they have accomplished that goal because the ultra clean style gets easily mistaken for boring by the sheep and the drones. So in summary: great success.

I'd say these fit true to size. You might want to order a half size small, but it isn't a big deal.

Unfortunately I cannot recommend skating in them. First of all it would be a shame to scuff these shoes up. Moreover, there is zero padding, and the upper material feels like cardboard. I have not broken them in very well, but I get the feeling that they will be flimsy before too long. They seem like the type of shoe where if you try to slip 'em on and stomp the back of the heel down, it will never be the same again.