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Sturdy Saw - Not Compatible w/ My Poles

Prior to purchasing this saw, I did some research on both this saw and the comparable alternatives (BCA Snowsaw, G3 Bonesaw). Based up research and prior use, the BCA snowsaw was definitely the flimsiest of the three saws. The G3 Bonesaw is actually also flimsier than the BD FlickLock saw, although in pictures it appears burlier. I thought the G3 Bonesaw was a little overpriced for a snowsaw as well.
Due to reviews and strength, I went with this saw. For a snowsaw, it is lightweight and does not take up a lot of packspace. It does the job of cutting snow columns fine. My biggest gripes are as follows: (i) there is no hardguard and the handle is very small, so be careful when putting the snow in the sleeve; (ii) the blade is sharp and cuts the interior of the sleee, leading to little plastic bits getting in your bag (but who really cares about this); and (iii) MOST IMPORTANTLY, it is NOT compatable with my Flicklock poles. I have the BD Expedition FlickLock poles (from 1 year ago), and this saw does not fit into the attachment. I am sure I am using it properly, and my poles do not fit in either of the 2 differently sized attachment options on the saw. This is a major design flaw by BD. SUMMARY: If you want a sturdy, lightweight saw, this is the best choice over the BCA saw and the G3 Bonesaw. However, note that it may or may not be compatable with your BD poles. This is merely a minor inconveience to me - b/c when I used this to cut a exteneded column for a ECT test, I merely attached the saw to my pole using some voile ski carrying straps and it worked fine.

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It didn't fit the bottom portion of the pole? Thats where it fits on my (BD expedition) poles. Not very long, but still a little help