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Strong, light, durable.

This tent is my choice for alpine pushes and high altitude climbs for 2 or even 3 people. (3 is a squeeze, but for light and fast ascents it works) The material BD utilizes is strong and outperforms other single wall tents for breathability. The material also seems to dry quickly when wet.

Like all single wall tents, expect some condensation and ice buildup inside, but this can be reduced by a smart venting system. The Tempest can be set up completely from the inside, and in super strong winds I've been forced to throw my pack and myself inside and set up the whole thing with only the lee-side door open- a feature that could save your life one day- or at least a few fingers.

I wish BD would sew on a few more guy points to increase strength and tie-down places. It would be also cool to see a tie-in point for securing occupants when pitched in precarious placements or narrow ledges. The tent has a small footprint so it can be pitched on smaller platforms. I am 6'2 and the 2 vestibules help keep accumulating snow off the head and feet- a real benefit for taller people. I also own a Fitzroy, and in comparison the Tempest's 2 vestibules are a REAL benefit and worth the extra weight and money. If you're considering one of the two, choose the Tempest.

FYI, never fold and roll this tent (or any tent)- always stuff it, and store it in a large cotton bag or large pillow case, not the stuff sack it comes with. Also, the stuff sack BD supplies sucks (or it did- maybe they changed it) Buy a silicon compression sack and carry the poles separately.

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Don Why shouldnt you store your tent in the stuff sack it came with??

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he means when you get home and ur done drying it and just storing it, it is good for the tent fabric and so any non-dried water doesn't make mildew etc..

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I bet u could find somebody to cut a hole and then sew in some draws or some slings that pop out of the floor in to the tent and out of the tent.1 so u could clip in 2. clip it too an anchor.just a thought

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I store my tents and bags in large mesh laundry bags (2.5'x 3') to allow them to completely dry out and not get creased or compress the insulation in the bags