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Gear Review

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Streamlined Pig

So I've had a touchstone for three years and it's been half way to hell and back with me and is still hanging tough...this is a durable set up...built for uber-abuse. The suspension system is excellent for a Haul bag, which means less suffering (yes you will still suffer it's not an anti gravity haul bag.) If you are someone who has trouble fitting their rack rope and say drill or pitons for first ascent cragging this could be a good choice. When I was putting up some of my Indian Creek FAs last year this was the perfect bag to get everything and the kitchen sink to the base. This is the perfect second or third bag depending on your stay on the wall. WHen you carry loads down or up...the heavy stuff goes in this and the rest goes in the big pig so weights are distributed evently. While this haulbag will not make you walk on water or help you read the minds of your will get you to the base of your dream proj. with everything you will need to send HUGE!