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Gear Review

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Strangely convenient

The design of this bag goes against my better reasoning. Turns out my better reasoning was way off. I love this bag. The halves are sewn together with a panel between them, not just a sewn-through seam. With both sides full, it handles and packs like one seem-less sack.

Packing is an art, as we all know. This piece invites fresh creativity into the process. Once you start playing around with it, all kinds of ideas pop up. I use the Large to carry extra clothing. I take a clean set out of one side and stuff my dirty back in. The next change I do the same using the other side.

Quality is tops. Seams, fabric, hardware, finish and feel are all excellent. Even the the brand and size tags serve as a functional feature - as a pull tab making it easier to open the bag. (I assume that was on purpose)

Not a fan of the clown colors but oh well. Not going to dock it a star for that.