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Gear Review

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Stopper you are So RIGHT!!!!

Oh BD stopper I'm so glad I met her
She proves that simpler is usually better
From number one all the way up to thirteen
The sleek sexy stopper is always my queen
It's hard to say her greatest contribution
But I'd have to say the Clean Climbing Revolution
No longer were pin scars a necessary evil
Instead into a crack a stopper you could weasel
How many falls have been arrested by you?
More than I can remember, that's why my loves true.
And it's not just on the way up that your treat me well.
You also are there when it's time to rappel.
How many of you I've left in the mountains?
So many that I can't even count them.
So... I'll scream it from the summit with zealous conviction
She is the best pro for any constriction.
While some times I must flirt with one cam or two
When I run out ... that's when her loves true.
She's lighter and righter and backs up thin sizes
For the lovely stopper my heart heaves and rises.
Some times at the end of a pitch she's all that I've got
And then at the anchor she happily slots.
I hope that I've made my passion clear
With out my beautiful stoppers I wouldn't be here.