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Stoke Speed Skins: Awesome failures

Super light. Easy to pack. Great glide and grip. Fabulous tip and tail (providing you don't lose the tip piece or pull through the tail). Extremely delicate. Avoid rocks, stumps, twigs or anything sharper than a butter knife in order to protect these specialized lightweight climbers. Suspect a problem with the Swiss Q/A. I had gear failure on my first tour of the year on my dream team: Stokes, Titans, TLT Verts and Stoke Speedskins. I took a total surprise Knee-fall on a rather gentle, pristine skin track. It turns out that the rivets on the tailpiece of the Stoke Speedskin cut through the terminal portion of the skin and dumped me off into endless powder 500 ft below the ridge on a -5F day. See attached photo of the failed skins and my new set. Seems like a simple line of stitching around the tail fitting would be a weightless cure. Also notice that all 4 tip pieces are absent a black plastic fitting that was present out of the box. Not sure if Dynafit is intentionally omitting this fitting that prevents the tip-piece bar from being removed or this is simply an oversite. Other users have cautioned about this possibility with the Manaslu skins. Working on a retrofit. I have found the Dynafit website to offer less information than WikiLeak offers about building nuclear reactors.

Stoke Speed Skins: Awesome failures
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There is no 'cover' for the tip piece, it's designed to be open. The metal bar of the rubber pull will click in securely to the plastic. If you're really worried, throw some duct tape over the top.