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Still searching for a what I thought this was...

It is a one star for my lifestyle. It's okay if you don't need something very durable like I do. I travel for work and for play all over the Western states, Pacific Northwest mostly, days and weeks at a time. Doesn't withstand alot of usage. If you do purchase it make sure the straps that tighten the load are tighten down as much as possible and then give it another tug for good measure...any air pockets anywhere inside are BAD. The inside coating will wear off with the slightest rubbing from the objects packed. (Make sure you don't pack anything with a square corner, either. Such as boxes.) The white piping on the outside will break in spots with movement also. I purchased another thinking the first was a lemon and tried to be extremely careful how it was packed and strapped. Even stopping down the road 50 miles to check and tighten any loosened straps from settling. The piping didn't crack as badly like the first but still the inside has pealed from the outer material in spots. And do beware, IT IS ABSOLUTELY NOT WATERPROOF and can BARELY be classified as weather resistant. If it is raining or if any moisture(including fog) is in the air it WILL find it's way in no matter how careful you zip it up. If you don't plan to use it but once a year on a sunny day, travel far(50 miles @ less than 50mph) or run into any bad weather/wind it will be okay and work for you.

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I have a Rain-X bag that is quite weatherproof. Its about 3.5' x 3.5' x 1.5'. It is thick and durable.

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I'm wondering what cargo bag you have now. I'm driving cross country and need something I can load easily, as a single person, and is waterproof in case I get stuck in a storm. I have a subaru sport with a basket.