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Gear Review

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Stiffer Backdrop, ok by me.

The Sideseth was touted as a heavier stiffer Backdrop with some more surface area for float. As a sidecountry rig I could see this being popular when mated with something like a Duke or a Tracker but that is about as far as I would take it. It had better float than the other two K2s but that makes sense considering the dimensions. I would say they were noticeably heavier than the Backdrops so as a backcountry ski (which they were waffling on a bit when I asked its purpose) I don?t see it really working. I did like the heavier mass in the crud late in the day and the fact that they were pretty easy to ski for that size. The early rise rocker helped as well. The increased stiffness helped on the hardpack when it was time to go fast and stay in control. Certainly more stable than the other two.