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Stiff and Durable

The Alpine Utility Pant found a revered place on my legs for the past few months. Although they are a bit stiff out of the box, after loosening them up with some daily wear followed by a couple rounds in the washing machine, they were good to go to work.

From hiking on sand dunes in the desert, to seeking out ancient petroglyphs in Utah’s canyons, to kneeling on snow-covered streets to get a low-angle camera shot, the Alpine Utility Pant proved to be a workhorse. The pants are thick wand are reinforced where it matters – in the knees and seat.

The only problem I encountered with the Alpine Utility Pant was the fit. I normally wear a size 30 waist, but size 30 to Mountain Khakis actually means “vice grip.” Other people I’ve spoken to have also said their Mountain Khakis run small, so upsizing to a size 32 meant I either found the right fit, or all those beers I’ve been drinking are catching up to me. I also don’t like how the waist rides high on my hips, killing any desire to ever tuck a shirt in.

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Starting in 2011, MK makes a 31" waist size. It may be the ticket for you!