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Gear Review

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Step 1 - Place on head. Step 2 - Leave forever.

This hat doesn't make any sense. I was hiking the ridge at Bridger Bowl, outside of Bozeman Montana, for some preseason turns. Got to the top, took off the hat, and squeezed.... 350 gallons of water dropped out of this hat like a tidal wave. This hat has the absorption powers of a sponge god. If it wasn't so damn good at being a hat and looking sexy, the "Roger That" could easily make a living cleaning up radioactive waste spills, transporting vast amounts of water, or drying up the great lakes. Besides all that, the hat fits great. It covers a huge amount of your head, but thats a good thing, the design just begs others to compliment you, and the material is made to last. Long story short, if i was a hat... Id do filthy things to the "Roger That".