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Stay away from Nixon

I purchased a Super Hero II all black about a year ago. The first one leaked within about a month. The lens fogged up, and eventually everything died. The only time I exposed the watch to water was riding my bike in the rain.

I sent it back on my own dime, and Nixon replaced it. Second watch, same exact problem. This time, Nixon picked up the bill for sending the watch back.

Rather than replacing the watch, they replaced the crystal and gaskets. Same problem. I sent it back again. However, they had discontinued the all black, and I wasn't interested in the stainless.

Three watches...all the same problem.

Nixon did give me credit towards another watch. However, at that point I was done and asked for a refund. They don't do refunds after a couple of months. So I'm left with finding a watch the same value as the Super Hero, paying more for a watch from a company that clearly is having quality control issues, or finding a cheaper watch and losing value.

Apparently Nixon has had similar issues with other models. I've had better luck with cheap Casio or Timex watches. I will never purchase another Nixon product again; and I'll do everything I can to steer people away from a similar folly.