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Splurge for a pack with shoulder straps

I wanted a rope bag with a tarp to keep my rope clean and hold my gear. While the bag works fine for that 2 design flaws have bothered me since I bought this pack. First the strap is super uncomfortable. I sport climb along the Wasatch front where the approach is often less than ten minutes so I thought the shoulder strap would work but I was wrong. Even on ten minute hikes I am constantly shifting the bag to get a more comfortable position and adjusting the strap for more control. Forget about any scrambling with the pack on.

The other thing I would like is some kind of internal pocket for keys, sunglasses etc. Once the tarp is rolled out I have nowhere for my extra quickdraws, biner, shoes, sunglasses, hat etc with worrying about that stuff catching on the rope. Instead I end up laying my stuff all over rocks or on the ground at the local crag. Since lots of my summer/fall climbing is post work, that means I have to find everything in the dark with my headlamp when we pack up to go. A small extra pocket would alleviate this issue.