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Gear Review

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Spend a lot of money now, save tons of money later

Everything you need to eliminate petty trips to the annoying LBS with their hotshot 19-year old know-it-alls is right here. Every tool for any minor to moderate repair job is included. Forget about those $20-50 repairs for a misaligned wheel or whacked out derailleur. With this set, you can be your own mechanic and save tons of money in the long run. You can install bottom brackets, change out wheel hubs, and overhaul your drive train. The chain whip and crank wrench will make excellent melee weapons should the occasional burglar break into your home. You'd better have a flashlight though, because the included tool box is made with black and dark blue materials, which makes finding the BLACK AND DARK BLUE tools a pain in the butt in anything but ideal lighting. However, if you're forking over 300 bucks for this set, you probably wont bat an eyelash to invest in a real tool box, in which case the Park Tool makes an excellent lunch box. If you're like me, biking through heaven and hell day in day out, this set is a must have. Just remember to save your Huck n Roll gorilla sticker for a real tool box.