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Speedskin - No Kidding

Used these skins for early season thrash up a valley in crusty conditions - they were superb. Lots of glide - Lots and yet grippy on the up. Comparison with another popular brand used the week before blew the G3 synthetics away - to be fair glop stopper might'a helped and these were super grippy on the up. For all round it seems that the Dynafit MA skins are the best I've tried so far - combine with ease of on and off and no trimming required and they're a winner. Only hiccup in the system was they were NOT easy to find up here in Canada - just like the Dynafit crampons - how about it Salewa?

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I’m a little flummoxed by the reuse of the thin blue protective film that these came with. Instructions say to reuse this film for storage. This film stretched when I peeled it off, and now it’s really challenging to reattach to the skins. I’m in my warm house and have a workbench to work on. I can’t imagine how hard this would be in the mountains on a windy day. It feels like I may be doing something wrong, but I’m not sure what it is. Can anyone give me any guidance on the proper reapplication of the blue protective film?

BTW, I'm familiar with the Black Diamond half-length mesh backing that is used for storing those skins. This film is not nearly as substantial as that.

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Ken I have the Manaslu skins and was wondering the same. My skins came with an separate detached and much wider "cheat sheet" that I assume is to be used in the field. Not sure what to do with the factory applied sheeting that came attached to the skins. I'm sure they're on their to keep the glue fresh until purchase. The wide cheat sheet looks easy enough to slap a skin on each side and then fold over, but I suspect this too will take some time which is why so many, opting for convenience just fold the skins glue side together.

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Cha..., I asked Drew Saunders at Salewa (Dynafit North American distributor) about the film. He advised that he simply folds his skins over glue-on-glue for storage. He doesn't bother with the blue film. I also received the extra blue film, but haven't been using that. Time will tell.

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Use your storage sheets for summer storage, preferably in a cool place all summer. (Knott the freezer or fridge!)
IN winter, just stick um together, do not dry near a heat source and keep away from all petroleum products.
All of these tips are to preserve the integrity of the glue.
former Ramer skin tech