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Spacious, Big Tarp... Aphrodisiac

For sure the best part of this rope bag is the strap. It's the best strap I have ever seen. It's like getting a professional massage. It is a beautiful and wondrous strap that makes me feel like all is right in the world... I LOVE YOU STRAP!!! But seriously, I don't wear my rope bag as a backpack so the strap is fine with me... I might use it to move down the crag a bit, but other than that, when approaching, my rope and ropebag is in my backpack. So to all the strap haters...don't hate the player hate the errr...??? TRUTH BE SAID... What makes this bag the bomb-diggity, is the the generously sized tarp that lurks with humble ninja prowess, within the bag. Most rope bags offer a skimpy little paper towel sized tarp that only protects your rope if you fold it into the limited space with origami like precision. I am not that precise... I need space on my tarp. I want room to roam. I'm a free spirit and I want my rope tarp to be of the same ilk. (insert heart felt chest-thump here) MY MOST FAVORITE THING ABOUT THIS ROPE BAG the green color. I think it's a really sexy green. When I go to the crag I have to wear my wedding ring if I bring this rope bag, because it is pretty much an aphrodisiac. Chicks be flocking, and they seem to like the strap.