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Sound is great, mic - not so much

The blue tooth connection to phone was a snap. No issues connecting. Sound from phone was fine. Plays music fine and answers calls and I can hear caller easily. The problem is the caller cannot here me well. The voice is garbled. Not sure if playing with the mic position in the earpieces will help or not. But so far, it seems to only be good for blue tooth connection to listen to music and having a conversation on the phone is useless.

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Bummed they aren't working for you. I've used mine a bunch and the only thing anyone has ever said to me is that it sounds like I'm on speaker phone. I've used them in some pretty windy conditions too and no one has had any problem understanding me. I wonder if you might have received a faulty piece. Try to make sure that the mics are both pointing directly at your mouth. If you're still having problems you should send them back as I think you might have received a bad unit. No one has mentioned to me that the clarity of the call was bad or that it sounded "garbled" just that it sounded like speakerphone (which is kind of is)