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Some Speculation based on Experience

If you are experienced and know what you want go for it. But if you are not please consider this advice. External frame packs have not been popular for some time. 4.8 pounds is a heavy pack. This pack has some very nice features and would probably last your lifetime, but my guess is that as you gain experience you will understand how critical weight is and will shed this one for one that weighs closer to 3 lbs. rather than close to 5. My JanSport is not identical to this, but the weight is and I will probably never use it again because I now own much lighter packs that are more than adequate for the job.

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Internals are not to everyones liking Mr or Mrs Obvious and 4.8 lbs is not heavy for a comfy 80.

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I agree with Guy Dabney. That's not heavy for a pack that size. I have a similar older model Jan Sport, about 35 years old. It's still in good shape and gets used regularly. It's actually lighter than my internal frame packs because it's a little smaller (4,000 cu in). I usually use internal frame packs, but for some tasks an external frame is the way to go and I know people who love the versatllity of external frame packs.

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Just for fun, I did a little QAD research on this site:

One each from Arcteryx, Gregory and Osprey, with similar capacities and features as the Carson. Never mind that they cost two or three times as much, but lo and behold, all three weigh MORE than the Carson. Hmmm.

Yes, internals are more popular. And they're better suited than an external for off trail stuff, mountaineering, and scrambling. If that's your bag, fine. But if the difference in a pound or two in the unloaded weight of my pack will hinder me on the sort of trails I dig, then I probably ought not be on those trails in the first place, with or without a pack.

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So many people are focused on weight. Far too often we forget about carry comfort. A good pack can make a heavy load feel light. An extreme example would be using your hands to carry a 30lbs rock or two 20lbs dumbbells. The rock would weigh less but you could carry the heavier dumbbells much easier.