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Solo Weekend Bear VS Can

I do a lot of solo weekend trips or with new groups where I bring everything of my own to make sure I'm well stocked and prepared. I typically use a 65L backpack on most trips and this fits in perfectly where I can still pack clothing and other loose gear around it snuggly. This canister is great for a 3 day trip for one person. It fits everything from my food to my misc scented items so that I still have food in the morning in lieu of me being the food for a bear. I've used it on dozens of occasions and never have had a problem. I recently was in Yosemite where overnight I woke up to hear a bear go by my tent and proceed into my camp toward the canister, it was tossed and turned for a while as I stayed up listening for just a bit. I could only picture a circus bear juggling that blue container around for a while till it got bored. When I woke up the next morning it was about 15 feet away, but still closed tight. The canister beat the bear...this round.