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Gear Review

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Solid stove

I bought this stove and it was first tested on sections of the PCT. The construction is solid, the operation is foolproof and i can see this lasting many years of use. In terms of noise its not too bad. If you're sitting close up then it may be a bit loud but its nothing crazy. It is on the heavy side if you consider the windscreen, the ergopump, and the bottle but then again, this wasn't designed as a super lightweight summit stove. Its more suited for short duration backpacking and camping trips, as well as in a base camp setting. Thus far i've only tested white fuel and propane and they've both worked flawlessly.

One very nice feature is you can flip over the can when you're about done and it will empty all the air in the tank. This is a really handy feature and saves fuel from being blown all over the place. Another option that can be considered (if you want to go with lighter weight) is the omnilite. its the same basic design except it incorporates titanium.

All in all its a heavy design but one that should last many years of use and run off virtually any fuel found on this planet.