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Gear Review

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Solid skins

This is my third pair of G3 skins (for a third pair of backcountry skis) and I have used all of them extensively. I have used these skins ~20 times this season for everything from multi-day tours to doing laps. The tip clips on G3 skins are far superior to the tip loops on other skins. They are totally solid and fit pretty much any size and shape of ski. I really like the new tail clip system. I was dubious at first, because of the plastic piece, but it is really solid and easy to use. Once you have the length set, you don?t have to mess with it ever again. I have found it easier to pull the skins tight on the ski with this system than with the older one and it doesn?t scratch the base of the ski when you release the tail clip. I have never had the tail piece tear on any of my skins, even after 3 seasons of hard use, although it does seem like the weak point in the system. The skin trimming tool that G3 developed is the best trimming system I have ever used ? easy and impossible to mess up. I am very careful about drying and storing my skins with the glue guards and I have found that the glue lasts well season after season. I have found these skins to have decent glide and totally adequate uphill performance. I?m a small woman on big skis, so I may be overstating the grip, but I have never had more trouble than anyone else on steep skin tracks. Overall, these are good skins, do what skins are supposed to do, stand up well to lots of use and abuse and when I have to buy another pair, I?ll buy another pair of G3s.