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Gear Review

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Solid from sear to simmer

I Just received the Baja and put it to home use right away. First test: Salmon and Asparagus. Going full blast the burner heated a 12" cast iron quickly, and maintained very steady, high heat for good searing. Finding the point in the fuel control to reduce to simmer can be touchy, but it really does simmer when you want it to. The stove integrates into the Iron Grill Table (IGT) setup from Snowpeak very well, being dropped in from the top and resting on the aluminum rails of the table frame. This is a pretty heavy piece of cooking equipment, but it appears well built, has well thought out elements in terms of cooking with or without the IGT setup, and it goes well from whisper to roar. As a single burner this one is pretty solid. Enjoy the food!