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Gear Review

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Solid as rock, still being elegant

This is a nice watch:Pros: Special design. It looks very exclusive, but not so formal. Both a surfer dude, or an office clerk could wear this. It has two very cool symbols on both side of the glass. I have the silver one, and the white clock washer looks minimalistic and neutral. It`s is waterproof down to 10 atmospheres (100 m) and it has scratch proof saphire glass. The whatch chain is also very solid, whith a nice locking mechanism, which prevents you from loosing it, until doomsday:-)I`m tired of those huge chronograph whatches, with lots of pointers that you realley never use. Instead, I now have a minimalistic an very solid watch, that fits in sporting activities, as well as in the office. Not too expensive.Cons: Looks a little glossy, Diamond on clock washer. I don`t really know if I like that, but it`s so small, so it`s quite neutral. This is not a swiss made whatch. On the back, it says that mine is made in Japan, but some ones are being mounted in China.I gave it a full score, due to the very cool design, and that it`s a whatch, after all, that`s being very solid. Go for it!