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Solid Shoe for Pronators

This shoe was purchased after trying on many other brands. I tend to be a pronator and could not find a shoe that provided enough support. The Keen hiker seemed to correct my stride quite well. They are also very comfortable - almost like wearing a slipper.

The flip side to this was they seemed to require more control to avoid a 'clunky' walk - you almost feel like a platapus
I have heard comments that this shoe had a shorter lifespan and and the rubber sole is prone to shrinking. I have been wearing mine for 10 months quite regularly and have not had issue.

UPDATE The shoes did develop a very annoying heal squeak after a few monthes - this is especially irritating when indoors. Baby powder under the footbed did not solve this. Also the rubber sole does 'shrink over time'. Expect 1 year of service before deterioration of the shoe.