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Gear Review

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Solid Lookin' Solid Feelin'

With some upcoming dumpage here in NAZ forecast, I'm rightly stoked on scoping out the tactility of this thing. They def' look good. I snagged the Shane Flood bag and got my little bro the Parker bag for xmas. Fits my snowtool perfectly, dunno about the 'chapstick holder'...that stuff is crucial here in AZ, but i have the feeling i'll lose more sticks by slipping them in a loose fitting grip-loop on my leg than just jamming it in my pocket; only time will tell, i'll keep a running total of how many i lose this season. I'm a little sketch on keeping a lens in the pouch suggested; i wear a-frames and the lens is it probably won't even fit. i'll find something to put in there for sure.

all in all, i'm glad I have one and you couldnt beat dogfunk's price on these things with a f******* stick right now.

Solid Lookin' Solid Feelin'