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Gear Review

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Solid Lamp

Service by BC: awesome service with great delivery time, it took 2 days for it to get to my door, thanks.

Product: solid lamp that is REALLY bright and is light on the head, nice and comfy to the point where it dont feel like anything is on your head after a few minutes of wearing it. its storm proof and has a battery indicator and a "find me light" which is dead healpfull to spot it at night time in the camp or in your backpack as the little find me light blinks every 3 seconds while the lamp is switched off, it uses next to no power and will blink for around 5 YEARS, without changing batteries..
i like its dimming feature also.. so on any of the settings weather its a LED setting or the Xenon setting you have 3 different brightnesess to choose from.

BOTTOM LINE, buy this lamp and it will not let you down.