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Gear Review

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I realize that they just came out and I know I haven't tried them on the mountain. But just strapping in an going down my stairs and jumping of chairs and stuff they feel good. light as always. my only thing is the new toe strap they have. It's just a different design I don't know how it will do in the snow. I had the 2009 version and I loved them. I've also used the danny kass 2009 ones as well and i've never had a problem with strapping in. These ones are a little tight and harder to strap into. They look sick though. Much better design especially better than last seasons. So we'll see how it goes! I hope they just need to be broken in or i'm gunna be dissapointed. I have heard rumors that the technology is not as good this year, i'm really hoping that's not true because I love unions.