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Gear Review

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So far so good

I bought it so I could have the ABC features and not have to worry about running out of batteries and so far so good.
There are a lot of features in general so it takes some getting used to everything but becomes fairly intuitive after a while.
I've used the watch on two outings where I wanted to measure altitude and use the compass. I set the altitude to the known elevation start point of my climb and when I got to the top the high point elevation was spot on so that was nice. It also has a feature which will automatically track your total vertical gain and loss and give you high/low points. There are a few involved steps to set up on the watch at first but again once you figure it out it’s pretty easy and a very cool feature. You can do some of this manually as well and I compared my manually saved elevations/gain/loss to the auto function and it was pretty darn close.
For the compass, I was able to set the declination and it takes pretty darn accurate readings. Not as good as a mirrored compass but you can be pretty accurate.
The temperature gauge reads too high when you have the watch on your wrist (I think this is true of all watches w/ temp but not positive). But if you leave it off your wrist it seems very accurate. A bit of a trade-off. If you’re relying on the altitude the manual says to leave it on your wrist as temperature affects the readings BUT if you want an accurate temp you have to take it off.This seemed like one of the better looking casio’s and is slimmer than some of them so that’s why I chose this exact model – and the compass w/ the duplex bars is nice – but I think any of the triple sensor casio’s probably work just as well.I wish the countdown timer would auto restart but it does not. Some of the other casio’s restart automatically.