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Gear Review

4 5

Snazzy and Functional

The "light is right" crew would probably just bring a pair of freebies from the Chinese restaurant, but these Snow Peak chopsticks are quite snazzy--and functional too! I freezer bag cook while out camping and normally pack chopsticks and a bowl for all foods (what you can't scoop with the sticks goes straight down the hatch from the bowl itself.) I've had these fancy storable chopsticks on my gift list for a while and the wife finally came through. Some reusable chopsticks have plastic or highly pollished wood, which ends up giving having no grip on food. The finish on these chopsticks have a nice grip to them, and the whole assembly feels right in the hand. Given the twitchy nature of TSA agents I wouldn't advise trying the "carry-on" part of these untensils--what with the metal barrels and all. If nothing else they'd feign security concerns and confiscate them simply because they look so darn cool! Because I'm most likely not going to keep them on my person at all times, I'm thinking about snipping the lanyard off of the nylon case.While not an essential camping item, these chopsticks still fall more on the side of funcional over flair for back country gadgets. I'd happily recommend them.