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Smell Horrible

These were my first rock shoes (actually, the model before this--the black/gray ones). They perform fine; my problem is stink-retention. I don't have smelly fit. Never did. I was genetically spared from that curse. But these shoes...there's something about that eco-friendly suede they use that just retains food odor like none other. Even after airing out for a few days, it's still possible to smell the odor if you get close enough. I know I'm not alone on this. Other reviews of Evolv climbing shoes have noted the exact same stink issue.

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all climbing shoes stink. unless maintained i.e. goldbond or lysol you have smelly climbing shoes. congrats on having perfect smelling fee though :-)

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Any synthetic material is going to stink more. Just go with uppers made from the real stuff.

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Made especially for climbing shoes.
No sprays. No powders. No fragrance.