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Gear Review

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Slicker than Snot

I have owned several boards from Sector 9, Loaded, Gravity, and Arbor. The concept leaves them all behind. I have mine set up to ride just like my snowboard, and you can really tell that Never Summer did their homework in the construction of this board. It is stable enough to bomb most hills, and is long enough that you can cross-step at will. The flex is perfect; just enough that it's very lively and responsive, but not so much that you have to keep the board on a short leash. It really rewards aggressive riding when you want to push the limits of the board, and it slides well when you want it to.

I don't recommend it for commuting on busy streets. As nice as it is, this board has a longer wheelbase than most 46". At slow speeds, it turns like a supertanker. The nose wheels bite into the deck when you really lay it over, but I think NS fixed that with cutouts on the more recent versions.

However, once the speed is up, and you load and pop it from turn to turn, the Concept is buttered poetry.