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Gear Review

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Slick optics, with a few issues.

Fit, comfort and reliability mean nothing if the optics are subpar and these Optics are NASSA worthy, have to be in the conversation when discussing the upper echelon of goggles. That doesn't mean they are perfect! YES, optics are great but these goggles have a few cons: photochromics are iffy at best, if your making first tracks or getting pushed off the slops by patrol (to tight with light). Then if the sun pops out, yes they do darken but nothing like some glasses on the market. They do the job but one starts to wonder, if there was a bit more tinting ness these would be awesome! Don't get me wrong, the polarized optic visuals are great. First rate all the way. For a straight forward review: low light to dark, hi light not dark enough. For the frame's they may need post-production tweaking to get your desired liking!