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Gear Review

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Slay Everything... Almost

I've been riding this snowboard for the better part of this winter season, putting about 20 to 30 days on it. It has seen action in Baker-Snoqualmie, the Tetons, and all over the 'Ice Coast'. The verdict? It will handle just about anything you can expect it to. It is definitely not a jib board (but sometimes I can't resist), so try to avoid bonking rocks and steel posts because the tip and the tail are thin, soft, and light. Where it absolutely excels: SPEED, carves/turns, drops, jumps, steeps, powder (decent flotation; I am 155# and ride the 157cm), etc. It's rock solid and returns a smooth, damp ride that just makes you want to go faster, jump further, rip harder. If you love technical terrain, airs, freeriding, etc., you'll probably love this board.

Notes about the board: base loves wax, it's pretty light, mid-wide, mid-stiff.